Benghazi Investigation Reveals . . . . Conspiracy Theories As Insane As We All Knew They Were!

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November 22, 2014 by skokielib

As you would imagine, Conservatives aren’t talking much about this. Why? Because it doesn’t support their narrative. And it doesn’t help them hurt Hillary Clinton. And as we’ve seen since the election of 2008, the current GOP cares only about politics and not about the American people, budgets, security, healthcare, immigration, or anything else. They are only out to cast doubt and try to win elections through fear and vote suppression.

How much have we now spent investigating Benghazi? What good things could that money have gone to? Feeding the poor? Taking care of veterans? Balancing the budget? Infrastructure improvements?

But it just doesn’t matter to the right. They want to win and that is all they care about. It is really quite sad.

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