If the Clemson Tigers Were a Russian Team

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January 16, 2019 by Jan Stone

What do you think? Would they have been served Big Macs? Or would the best chefs from Trump’s hotel create culinary masterpieces, maybe even paid for by Trump or certainly a back channel oligarch buddy, to make sure the team felt appreciated for their success? All-American champions apparently don’t Make America Great Again during a government shutdown. Wonder if leftovers went to the homeless or Trump’s bedroom?

And did you hear the one about the T-Mobile executives who needed Trump’s approval for their mega-merger with Sprint? They booked rooms at the Trump International Hotel at least 10 times over months. Merger approved.

Evidently, domestic public policy can Make America Great Again as long as the business is conducted in the swamp. Apparently, the Trump International Hotel IS the swamp.

Seriously. Why is there still a fake border crisis instigated by GOP-terrorists? You know, the ones who left Washington, DC last weekend with their $10,000 raises. And how is Trump’s 2020 campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again by Selling Out to Putin” taking hold?

Despite the remarkable Trump base and spineless Republican Senators who are so shamelessly hypocritical that they stand in front of cameras and contradict themselves in record time, there are millions of us–a majority–who are so sick of this constitutional massacre that we’re legitimately losing it, like incorrectly publishing blog posts countless times before trying to get our point across.

This is exhausting. Our president is a Russian operative. So was (maybe still is) most of his staff and cabinet. Can we PLEASE do something about this other than talk about waiting for Mueller’s report? (Although, thank goodness for that man. Agnostics are hoping he’s the savior.)

Can you imagine a corporate exec operating the way Trump is and not losing his or her multi-million-dollar job after two weeks? A CEO disapproving every move the CFO makes, a CMO constantly criticizing its Super Bowl ad campaign, salespeople endlessly complaining about the product and keeping their jobs? For years???

And that’s “just” questioning moral character. Trump keeps breaking the law. He’s already an unindicted co-conspirator in campaign finance crimes. He regularly abuses his power to hurt not help the country he swore to serve, meets with enemies of our state and destroys evidence of treasonous conversations. (OK, if they’re not, why quash them?) And his Tweets…I can’t.

Are we really constrained by impeachment or having to wait for him to finish his term before most people in the United States can turn on the TV and not panic when Breaking News streams across our screens? (Yes, I realize this is far from the worst outcome of his behavior, but I think PTSD may be challenging my thought process.) Can’t we do something substantive sooner rather than later?

Exactly what is a clear and present danger? Why does the 25th Amendment exist? Can we all agree that it is time to legislate against a political party represented by dinosaurs? And can’t we enact some law that hold sycophants legally responsible for the carnage they create when they act like doormats versus public servants?

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