Obama Keeps Winning Despite The GOP Telling Us Otherwise

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December 24, 2014 by Chris Kite

There have been so many GOP/Fox News Created incidents over the past year it is hard to imagine a group of people being less accurate!

Benghazi Scandal
The GOP and their marketing arm, Fox News, told us all about the intentional false information, the stand down order to the military, and the lack of action on specific threats. And at the end of the fifth investigation, and millions of taxpayer dollars, it turns out there was no scandal at all. No cover up. No stand down order. No specific threats that were ignored.

Handling of Iran
The GOP told us how to handle Iran. Essentially they wanted another war. But the Iran government is slowly coming around and meeting international requirements to end their nuclear weapons programs.

Handling of Russia
Remember when Russia invaded Crimea and Obama didn’t send in troops, drop bombs, or pound his chest and threaten WWIII? The GOP and Fox News told us what a big mistake it was. And now we are looking at a rapidly disintegrating Russian economy complete with collapse of the Ruble. Sure, Putin is still in power. But his iron grip appears to be weakening and eventually Russian citizens will realize that the only person they have to blame for their economy is their leader.

Handling of Ebola
Remember when the GOP, Fox News, and many other news outlets hungry for a panic inducing story told us how Ebola was going to spread all over the country and cause huge numbers of infected people and deaths? Well, as always, they were wrong!

Handling of the Economy
Here we are after six years of Republican obstructionism and complaints from the right about how the economy isn’t going to grow with Obama’s policies. If we voted for Romney, we could have had 5% economic growth and a healthy stock market. But guess what, we got that from Obama. Without having to eliminate all the social safety nets that the Republicans are so quick to pull the plug on. They want desperate, poor, and miserable people to help man their sweatshop factories. They want people that will sacrifice themselves for work so that their corporate owners can make even more money. Because despite the fact that the richest few percent in the US have continued to greatly grow their wealth while the rest of the country doesn’t get much, the richest few percent apparently are rich enough yet. I guess all we have to do is eliminate all taxes on the rich and give them ALL the money. Then the rest of the country can finally prosper. Right?

The question is . . . why does anyone pay attention to the right? They clearly don’t have a clue. And yet they keep spouting their nonsense and the world keeps listening.

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