The Twisted World of Lobbying

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August 24, 2016 by skokielib

The fact that this is even a story tells us how screwed up America’s political system is!

Lobbying is just double talk for corruption. Lobbyists go into government positions. Government officials go into lobbying. Everyone with money and business or other interests pays lobbyists to influence government. In some circumstances, corporations or lobbyists actually write laws and send them to “their representatives.”

As if all that isn’t bad enough, foreign governments and corporations also lobby our government.

Sure, I’m upset that the guy running Trump’s campaign for President has worked directly for foreign government officials. And I’m upset he has ties to Russia and Putin. And yes, I’m upset that there is a possibility that he broke the law.

But I’m even more upset that this could in any way possibly be construed as legal. The fact that it is just not clearly outside of the law tells you how corrupt our political system is. It’s wrong that lobbyists donate to campaigns to win influence. It’s even more wrong that foreign governments or people are allowed to be involved in our government at all. There is nothing in our constitution that says foreign interests are to be represented by our government.

Our corrupt political system is broken. We need to fix the system and take money out of the equation!

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