One way to stop the “carnage”

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February 13, 2017 by Jan Stone

Our Twitter President references urban crime as carnage versus, oh say, extreme poverty pushed beyond its breaking point. I thought he was going to do something in Chicago, which he holds up as the worst in carnage, yet, while I know this will shock some, he hasn’t done a single thing. (Not so great for tourism PR, so thanks for that POTUS).

In the absence of any solutions from Trump Tower, our mayor, governor and everyone else in the NRA’s pocket, some define their own ways to solve the  problem. Many are great ideas, but with the lack of a budget, we could surmise that the rich continuing to get tax breaks isn’t trickling their savings down to us. Therefore, even one of the biggest cities in the US is broke, thus proposals to stem the carnage aren’t viable if they require any money.

blood-18983_1280Interestingly, IL magically unearthed the funds to hire a lot more police officers while the Chicago Public School systems disintegrates along with our children’s futures.

But I digress.

I know this proposal will send gun residue flying for many IL residents before this paragraph ends, but how about common sense gun legislation? You know what I mean. Maybe gangbangers without AK’s will cause less carnage. I’m not suggesting it will diminish the decades of rage that cause their indignation (the gang  member’s not the NRA-ers). Yet I bet it will reduce the number of casualties.

But no. NRA members aren’t tough enough to test any such propositions. They are afraid of facts and stand in solidarity with boatloads of incentives to make sure we can peel their rifles from their dead bodies because they have to protect themselves in those gated communities and gilded penthouses.

There’s plenty of middle ground, but they won’t listen. Too scared to consider living without semi-automatic weapons to protect themselves, urban carnage isn’t a powerful enough argument. Columbine and Sandy Hook aren’t either.

I think the worst carnage is from the offices of our elected officials who don’t have the courage to buck the NRA and propose a more rational solution.

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