Republican Debate on CNN

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September 16, 2015 by Chris Kite

Watched a little of the Republican debate. Grew tired of the nonsense. I can’t help myself here.

Please excuse my rant!

I get tired of the misrepresentation of planned parenthood, the taking of the heavily editing video as some kind of evidence, and their constant need to tell us how their ideas are so much better. But there is never any detail in those ideas. Never any explanation of how it will work.

As far as planned parenthood. They have not broken the law. They have not murdered babies. They have not sold fetal tissue. They do the same thing other medical institutions do when medical tissue is donated. They try to recoup some of their costs. I too would be horrified and sickened by the “planned parenthood video.” If it were completely edited and hacked. And if there were any truth to it.

Let’s be clear about Iran Deal. The Iran Deal is a good deal. It came about because Barack Hussein Obama brought in other world powers and got them to impose strict sanctions. He is a strong leader that worked hard to gain consensus with other world powers and then worked to seal a deal between these other world powers, the US, and Iran. These powers respected his leadership and thus joined the west in imposing sanctions. Something that hadn’t been done before on a worldwide basis.

Yes. Iran is still in power in the middle east. And they haven’t denounced terrorism or recognized Israel. But the goal of the deal was to stop the development of Nuclear Weapons. It does that. It takes them from mere weeks away from development of a nuclear weapon and brings it out to years. The science behind the inspections is rock solid and puts the world at near zero risk of missing nuclear development. I know science is tough for these candidates. But you can’t just vacuum up or wash away nuclear material and have it be undetectable. It takes many years for the material to dissipate. Had they gone to science class, they might have been familiar with radioactive half life. Going in to a suspected site days, or weeks, or months, or even years after they worked on nuclear material isn’t going to stop us from detecting it.

And Trump! He’s friends with everyone but no one is going to mess with him. He can do big deals and he can get exactly what the US wants regardless of what anyone else wants, any time, any where. China is no longer going to mess with us. Because every one is his friend. And he does deals. Let’s get real. We’re talking about international power and politics. This isn’t a real estate deal where you can sell to another party or they can spend their money somewhere else. But then, I suspect he really doesn’t understand the difference. Ugh!

Carly Fiorina is equally as naive. Republicans always tell us how simple everything will be. Just lower taxes. Just be tough. Just let everyone have guns. Just get rid of government regulation. Just build up our military.

Taxes were lower under Bush than they’d been in modern history. And yet, our economy collapsed.

The US has almost half of all the civilian owned guns in the entire world. How many more do we need to reduce gun deaths?

We spend more on military than China, Russia, the UK, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Germany, India, and Brazil combined. So spending a few billion more is going to do what? We’ve got enough nukes to erase the world. What are more going to do? How are we going to pay for more military? Especially after we have cut taxes again. Didn’t a certain President right before Obama try that and balloon the deficit?

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