They Like Trump Because They’re Ill Informed

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September 5, 2018 by Chris Kite

It isn’t really a surprise, but the article in the link below seems to hit on a very key point. It talks about Trump’s problems with actual facts and his refusal to accept or try to understand them.

The article specifically calls out Trump’s repeated inability to understand history and the reasons why we have troops stationed in Korea, Japan, Europe, and elsewhere. It points out his inability to grasp simple facts like that John McCain was given the opportunity to leave his North Vietnamese prison camp early, but turned it down because the military code of honor since the first prisoner captured is the first to go home.

Our forces in South Korea and his lack of understanding why John McCain was a war hero are far from the only examples. As the article points out, Trump also has no understand of trade deficits and what they really mean. He has no understanding of the history of Europe and why the EU, NATO, and the U.N. are so important in preventing a renewed rise of many independent nationalistic military powers. He has no understanding of the military, of military strategy, or why nuclear weapons are such a danger to the future of mankind. He fails to understand the science of climate change. And he fails to understand the economics of why coal based power is a dying industry in America and much of the world. The list goes on and on. He is, simply put, astoundingly ignorant. These aren’t political positions. He is a simpleton.

And his supporters love him, because they too are ill informed. They scoff at “elitist scientists” and “experts” of all types. They fail to understand that someone that has spent their life studying science and climate might have a better grasp on whether or not climate change is real. They fail to understand that someone that has spent their life studying global conflict is actually better able to make decisions on alliances and partnerships. They fail to understand that someone that has spent their life studying economics might be better situated to determine whether or not a trade agreement is good for our country. They fail to understand that a prevalence of guns in our country might actually lead to more gun deaths.

The shift has been happening gradually over decades. The Republican party has been moving further and further away from education and science and more and more toward a blind belief in a ignorant, simplistic, or populist position. Evolution. Climate change. The United Nations. NATO. The EU. Trade agreements. Vaccines. It’s as if they are proud in their lack of education or ability to grasp somewhat complex topics.

Certainly not all Republicans and conservatives are in this camp. But by failing to stop or control Trump, they own this position.

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