They Are Gutless!

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September 6, 2018 by Chris Kite

The media is going crazy over the anonymously written op-ed published by the New York Times. While it certainly is unprecedented, I don’t take comfort in it.

After hearing of the claims that there are high level people in the Trump Administration that are working to stop his “most impetuous” actions, the president called the writer “gutless.”

I have to say, I agree with him. But not in the way he means.

If you’re at that level of government, and you think the president is so dangerous that his upper staff needs to be actively subverting some of his actions, you are by no means some kind of hero or savior. If the president is that bad, you should be banding together to put the 25th Amendment to work! Failing to do so is putting the country in danger, if not already doing great harm.

What if there is a crisis? Imagine an impulsive, fact allergic, narcissistic, know-nothing president trying to deal with a crisis like the Berlin airlift, the Cuban missile crisis, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Great Depression, a civil war, or the Great Recession. What if there is a critical health outbreak, for example, a deadly flu epidemic or the spread of Ebola or some other highly lethal contagion? Think about that and ask yourself if we should have Donald J Trump in the White House as the leader of the free world and the person that will be trying to lead our country out of crisis.

This is a man that cannot comprehend the importance of NATO or the UN. This is a man that doesn’t understand why we have troops in South Korea. He thinks vaccines are dangerous and denies the science of climate change. This is a man that has no sense of history, no loyalty to the American people, and no desire to listen to important facts and opinions from people that know way more than him. I assure you that the presidents of the past relied on their “elitist” experts for information to help make critical decisions. We know with great certainty that president Trump would not be likely to do that.

We know he is a serial liar. We know he and much of the administration are openly corrupt. We know he has dubious ties to foreign governments and cannot trust his loyalty to our country or our citizens. We know that he has no sense of history, isn’t willing to read or learn, and acts on impulse. We know that biggest priorities are stroking his ego and boosting his riches.

So don’t go feeling good about the fact that we’ve got people in the Trump Administration  that are “adults in the room.” These so called adults are still putting party and ideology over country. They are risking the lives of Americans and risking our country’s future, because they see an opportunity to enact their agenda. They aren’t working for the American people. They are working for their agenda. They are essentially manipulating and incapable and dangerous president into doing what they want done.

This does not leave me with any sense of comfort. This does not help me sleep better at night. It is reckless and selfish. It is misguided and wrong.

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