Trying To Become “Divider In Chief”


August 17, 2015 by Chris Kite

It is really quite amazing the way the Republicans accuse President Obama of being divisive and throw around terms like “Divider In Chief.”

You can disagree with the Iran Nuclear Deal and you can disagree with Obama’s policies without using offensive and divisive terms, but Republicans rarely do. Instead, they use phrases like, “Divider in Chief,” “tyrant,” and “dictator.” They accuse him of doing things that are unconstitutional, and yet the Supreme Court generally disagrees with them. They seem to have completely forgotten that the Constitution was written to give the Supreme Court the sole power to determine what is and isn’t Constitutional.

When President Obama speaks out for rights of gay people to get married, Republicans accuse him of being divisive. Because they are homophobic and want to discriminate against gays, and deny them the right to marry, they’ve labeled the President as a divisive. Because they won’t live with the separation of church and state written into the US Constitution, they call him divisive.

When the President fought for healthcare reform and enacted ideas proposed by many Republicans, they suddenly hated the ideas and called him divisive.

Because the President has worked with our allies and others and has created a deal between Russia, China, Germany, France, Britain, and Iran, the Republicans accuse him of being weak. When in past months they talked about how strong Putin and Russia were, and how weak Obama was. Now, with the Republican’s idol Putin negotiating a deal, suddenly Putin is weak like Obama? Or are they saying that Russia wants Iran to have nuclear weapons?

The Republicans often look at the world with a view that has America deciding all things important with no need to consult or get buy in from other countries. We saw it when we invaded Iraq. We see it with this deal. The Republicans have ignored the fact that what brought Iran to the table was heavily enforced sanctions by most nations in the world, including, the US, our allies, Russia, and China. The Republicans have ignored the fact that once the other countries felt satisfied with the deal, those international sanctions were gone. Whether we agree to the deal or not. So walking away from a deal and thinking that just the US trying to enforce sanctions on Iran is a ridiculously narrow minded view of the way the world works.

Yes, President Obama used some harsh language to describe the way the Republicans have acted. And it is absolutely accurate. The Republicans, who seem to think they are members of Benjamin Netanyahu’s staff, don’t want any kind of deal with Iran short of them denouncing their identity, giving up all their arms, giving up all their nuclear materials, letting the US run their country, and getting nothing in exchange. The Republicans fail to recognize that the real world doesn’t work that way. Reagan knew it when he sold weapons to Iran. Which, by the way, would set off an unbelievable firestorm were Obama to try something like that.

Meanwhile, they whine and complain, block everything Obama attempts to do, publicly declare their goal is to make Obama fail, and then turn around and call Obama divisive.

It is a sad state of affairs the far right fringe of the party has driven the GOP to. They have worked hard to divide the country and create a climate of fear and hostility. They have been pretty successful at creating the fear and hostility, but not so successful at stopping Obama. They’ve been outsmarted often, and the American public is usually against what they are trying to sell. The public is for the Iran deal. It is within Obama’s powers. It appears to be a good deal to our our best and closest allies and adversaries. And it is the best deal we are likely to get given that Obama was able to bring other powers into the deal.

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