The Heartlessness Of The Trump Administration

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July 1, 2018 by Chris Kite

This is yet another heartbreaking story about the cruel and nasty policies implemented by the Trump Administration.

In what world is it right to bait children with free food to try to lock them up for something they had nothing to do with? In what world is it right to have such a cruel and heartless policy of dealing with a decades old immigration policy?

Trump and his mouthpieces continue to tell us how horrible Central American immigrants are. They talk about a gang called MS-13. They call them rapists, murderers, and drug dealers. They tell us that they are taking our jobs. They tell us that terrorists are infiltrating the border. They tell us how these people are using government assistance to live a free and easy life. They tell us we need a border wall. And they tell us Mexico will pay for it.

THESE ARE ALL LIES!!! Every single statement has been debunked. Repeatedly.

And yet, president Trump refuses to consider any immigration bill that doesn’t fully fund his wall.

If any of these things were true, I would argue that it would make sense to quickly establish a clear, rational, and well executed bill that deals with our immigration problem.

The one honest thing the president says is that that our immigration system is not good and has been broken for years. But rather than doing the right thing – which, coincidentally is also the hard thing – he and his administration enact poorly thought out, poorly executed policies that are cruel, inhuman, and meant only to use human beings as pawns in his game to try to change the system.

You better believe that if any of these big raids conducted by ICE had yielded the apprehension of true criminals, the Trump Administration would be parading those suspects in front of the media and crowing at the top of their lungs about how great a job he is doing keeping us safe.

Naturally, that hasn’t happened. Instead, they’ve arrested hard working immigrants that fill a need no American worker is willing to fill. They’ve separated families. They’ve created a worker shortage. They’ve cost American taxpayers money.

Our immigration system needs fixing.

Stop taking children hostage.

Stop harassing hard working families.

Stop lying to the American public.

Sit down with Democrats and Republicans and talk about the real issues. Find compromise solutions that deal with the worst problems and that while possibly not ideal to any “one side,” create a better system that includes compassion and human decency.

But most of all, Mr. President, become a decent human being that treats other people as fellow humans.

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