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  1. Three Questions I’m Asking Myself

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    September 28, 2018 by Chris Kite

    With the Senate hearing behind us, and the Senate Judiciary Committee voting to proceed with the Kavanaugh vote, I find …
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  2. Don’t Expect Kavanaugh Appointment To Be Derailed

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    September 25, 2018 by Chris Kite

    I think many Americans may be under the delusion that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment may be at risk …
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  3. Tax Cuts Aren’t Working For Most Of Us

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    August 10, 2018 by Chris Kite

    Republicans argued that by cutting taxes for corporations and the rich, that money would flow down to the rest of …
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  4. Republican’s Do-Nothing Humane Platform


    June 26, 2018 by Jan Stone

    The party of Trump lacks a moral compass. The results are a demonstrable disregard for the basic tenets of our democracy not to mention humanity. Hypocrisy and racism as party planks?

  5. About These Trade Wars

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    June 6, 2018 by Chris Kite

    The President of the United States of America is burning bridges and destroying alliances across the globe. In case you …
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  6. More Questions Raises By Flynn’s Actions

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    May 18, 2017 by Chris Kite

    As we learned after he was fired, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn failed to register as an agent for …
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  7. Can This Presidency Get Any Weirder?

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    May 17, 2017 by Chris Kite

    As the dumpster fire that is the Trump Presidency continues to get more, and more out of control, things also …
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  8. Republican Voter ID In Wisconsin Likely Threw Race To Trump

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    May 15, 2017 by Chris Kite

    It isn’t hard at all to imagine that the Wisconsin Voter ID Law helped hand the state to Republican Donald …
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  9. One Result Of Failed Foreign Policy

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    April 7, 2017 by Chris Kite

    Being a President is hard! It requires knowledge across a broad array of subjects from business to education to foreign …
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  10. Trump Administration Lie Of The Day

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    April 1, 2017 by Chris Kite

    Trump Administration Tries To Blame Media For Its Problems Trump Administration Press Secretary Sean Spicer got into a testy exchange¬†¬†April …
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